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Student Saver Team

Hi every one ,,

We are Student saver Team

Our mission is supplying Solutions Manual , Test Banks , to anyone all over the world,

if you need any solutions manual or test bank   just  email us any time ,

This is partial list of our Test Banks and solutions, if the solution or Test Bank you want isn’t

on the list, do not give up, just contact us.

you can send your order BY :

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Hi , 

My name is Jone im from USA i want to get this solutions manual / test bank of:

book name : Spilker – Taxation of Individuals and Business Entities, 2017 Edition – 8e,

author name: by Spilker 

if you can send the ISBN NUMBER of your textbook

 (You can use the 10 digit ISBN or 13 digit ISBN), this will be good  ,

We will send you a sample of the resource to confirm your requirement. If it is the required one, payment can be made securely through PayPal, Credit Card,  as per your convenience.  


You will receive a response from us, just by this email ..

any other email address , it not us.  

  Note : Please do check Junk/Spam folder of your E-mail for our reply, if not in Inbox.
 we have increased our stock to a great collection list ,we collect the most of Test bank and solutions wanted on all the world

 , Also .. you can check our full list there :

  Note: All solutions manual and Test Banks be in soft copy [Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF )or Word format .Docx]

Best wishes,
Student Saver Team ,


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